What You'll Learn

  • Take advantage of narrative frameworks to help you craft a story that resonates with your customers

  • Plan out your product launch timeline and customer journey so you know exactly how your customers will navigate through your launch sequence

  • Create all the deliverables you need to orchestrate a successful product launch

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Understand the Purpose of a Product Launch

    • What is a Product Launch?

    • Know This Before You Launch Your Product

  • 2

    Planning Your Launch

    • Get Organised

    • Nail Down Your Story

    • Decide Which Channels You’ll Leverage

    • Determine Your Launch Sequence

  • 3

    Building Your Launch Deliverables

    • Build Your Sales Page and/or Product Page

    • Build Your Lead Magnets

    • Build Your Blog Posts

    • Build Your Social Posts

    • Build Your Affiliate, Influencer, and/or Partnership Content

    • Build Your Email Content

    • Build Your Paid Ads

    • Build Your Landing Pages

  • 4

    Launch Your Product and Track Your Results

    • Set Your Plan in Motion

    • Have an Onboarding Plan