Course Overview

Create Marketing Content That Converts Your Customers

Do you want to seem more knowledgable in your field effortlessly? Build trust with your customers effortlessly through the buffalo content marketing plan. It will increase your online Klout and generate more leads.

This online course introduces essential content marketing techniques, how to leverage your marketing channels, and optimise your website to generate more leads.

Course Topics

What topics will you cover?

  • Create a marketing funnel that brings you clients

  • Leverage your social media accounts to create leads

  • Leverage your website accounts to create leads

  • Creating amazing content marketing and content marketing plan

  • [BONUS] 17 Lead magnet ideas to grow your email lists

Course curriculum

    1. Making Your Marketing Funnel

    1. The Buffalo Idea

    2. The Content Checklist

    3. Increase Your Content Output

    1. How To Optimise Your Website To Get Leads: Design

    2. How To Optimise Your Website To Get Leads: Search Engine Optimisation

    3. Mastering Remarketing

    1. [BONUS] 17 Of The Best Leads Magnets Ideas For Your Website

    1. Course Feedback

About this course

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  • 9 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content