What You’ll Learn:

  • Plan Effective Landing Pages

    Plan and make your own landing page that generates leads.

  • Optimise Your Landing Pages

    Identifying the weak points of your landing pages to help better communicate your offer.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Landing Pages; What Are They?

    • What Are Landing Pages?

    • Different Types Of Landing Pages

  • 2

    Designing And Building Your Landing Pages

    • Landing Page Prelude

    • Market Callout

    • Be Clear And Concise

    • Compelling Headline

    • Use Social Proof

    • Be Consistent

    • Make Your Ad Vibe With Your Landing Page

    • Include Privacy Policies and Terms of Service

    • Your Call-To-Action Should Be The First Thing You See

    • Button Colour

    • Custom Button Text

    • Limited Navigation

    • Visual Cues

    • Hero Shot

    • Relevant Form Fields

    • Optimise For Mobile

  • 3

    Make Your Landing Pages More Attractive

    • Test Your Landing Page