What You’ll Learn:

  • Plan Effective Landing Pages

    Plan and make your own landing page that generates leads.

  • Optimise Your Landing Pages

    Identifying the weak points of your landing pages to help better communicate your offer.

Course curriculum

    1. What Are Landing Pages?

    2. Different Types Of Landing Pages

    1. Landing Page Prelude

    2. Market Callout

    3. Be Clear And Concise

    4. Compelling Headline

    5. Use Social Proof

    6. Be Consistent

    7. Make Your Ad Vibe With Your Landing Page

    8. Include Privacy Policies and Terms of Service

    9. Your Call-To-Action Should Be The First Thing You See

    10. Button Colour

    11. Custom Button Text

    12. Limited Navigation

    13. Visual Cues

    14. Hero Shot

    15. Relevant Form Fields

    16. Optimise For Mobile

    1. Test Your Landing Page

About this course

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  • 19 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content