What You’ll Learn:

  • Setup A WordPress Website

    We’ll talk you through the process of setting up your own WordPress website, the most common platform on the web for making websites.

  • Setup A Shopify Store

    Looking to sell online? Shopify is a great and simple platform that allows you to set up an online store. We will talk you through how to do that too.

  • Setup A Squarespace Website

    Do you just need an easy 5-page website without any singing and dancing features? Squarespace is an easy and simple drag and drop website builder that will we talk you through how to use.

Course curriculum

    1. How To Make A Website (The Boring Yet Essential Bits)

    2. CHECKLIST: 3 steps to creating an engaging website

    1. Introduction To Wordpress

    2. Setup

    3. Select Your Theme

    4. Add Content to Your Site

    5. Customising and Tweaking Your Website

    6. Installing Plugins

    1. What Is Shopify (And What Is It Not?)

    2. How to Set up Your Own Shopify Store

    3. Start Setting Up Your Online Shop

    4. Choose a “Theme” or a “Layout”

    5. Edit Shopify Settings

    6. Add Your Products to The Store

    7. Pick Payment Gateways

    8. Get Your Online Shop “LIVE”

    9. Add a Domain Name

    1. Choose Your Squarespace Website Template

    2. Secure A Custom Domain Name

    3. Start Adding Your Own Content

    4. Spread The Word

    5. Continue To Update Your Website

About this course

  • £25.00
  • 22 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content