What You’ll Learn:

  • Setup A WordPress Website

    We’ll talk you through the process of setting up your own WordPress website, the most common platform on the web for making websites.

  • Setup A Shopify Store

    Looking to sell online? Shopify is a great and simple platform that allows you to set up an online store. We will talk you through how to do that too.

  • Setup A Squarespace Website

    Do you just need an easy 5-page website without any singing and dancing features? Squarespace is an easy and simple drag and drop website builder that will we talk you through how to use.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How To Make A Website (The Boring Yet Essential Bits)

    • CHECKLIST: 3 steps to creating an engaging website

  • 2


    • Introduction To Wordpress

    • Setup

    • Select Your Theme

    • Add Content to Your Site

    • Customising and Tweaking Your Website

    • Installing Plugins

  • 3


    • What Is Shopify (And What Is It Not?)

    • How to Set up Your Own Shopify Store

    • Start Setting Up Your Online Shop

    • Choose a “Theme” or a “Layout”

    • Edit Shopify Settings

    • Add Your Products to The Store

    • Pick Payment Gateways

    • Get Your Online Shop “LIVE”

    • Add a Domain Name

  • 4


    • Choose Your Squarespace Website Template

    • Secure A Custom Domain Name

    • Start Adding Your Own Content

    • Spread The Word

    • Continue To Update Your Website