You’ll receive expert tips on understanding your numbers (your financial statements), understanding how tax works, and seeing a breakdown of the profit you can make by various sale levels.

This course will guide you through easy step-by-step processes to understand how to manage the finances of your business.

What This Course Will Help You To Do

  • Learn How To Price Your Business

  • Discover How To Fund Your Business

  • Understand How Tax Works For Your Business

Course curriculum

    1. Pricing Your Business

    2. Tax.

    3. Working From Home Tax Costs

    4. The Tax Calendar

    5. Funding Your Business

About this course

  • £30.00
  • 5 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

In this course we have taken a lot of our experiences as an entrepreneurs and put it into this course. We've put together all the information you need in a series of lessons about how to price your business, understand tax, and finally how to fund your business.