Course curriculum

    1. Creating An Empathy Map

    2. Creating The Perfect Value Proposition

    3. How To Close A Sale

    4. How To Close A Sale

    5. How To Establish Your Brand Values

    6. How to Grow A Business Using Key Partners

    7. Make The 24 Hours In Your Day More Efficient

    8. PEST - The Key To Business Growth Success

    9. Pricing Your Product or Service

    10. Revenue Growth Strategies; Who Makes Up Your Customers?

    11. Starting To Develop A Strategy For Growth In 5 Minutes

    12. What To Do If You Are Feeling Unhappy In Your Business

    13. Downloadable Sheets

    1. 10 Sales Tips For Building Trust

    2. 10 Tips To Develop 'KILLA' Sales Proposals That Actually Sell To People

    3. Designing A Sales Process Is Like Playing Snakes And Ladders

    4. Generate Routes To Market With The Diversity Of Virgin Cola, Atlantic & Money

    5. How To Set SMART Goals That Achieve

    6. Increase Your Sales Using Within Your Existing Products & Services With The 3 Tier Product Pyramid

    7. Should I Export/Trade Abroad?

    8. Should You Fire Your Client?

    9. The Business Life Cycle and Why it's Important to Growth

    10. Ways to Build Instant Confidence Within 5 Minutes

    11. Which Is Best For You; Delegating Or Outsourcing To Grow Your Business

    12. Downloadable Sheets

    1. Business Process Model

    2. Differentiate From Your Competitors Or Fear Getting Left In The Past

    3. Doing A Life Audit For Your Business Sets You Up For Future Amazing Endeavours

    4. Generate New Ideas For Your Business Much Like Richard Branson

    5. How Do You Get So Much Time? Take The Time Today To Work Out How

    6. Why Is The Secret Business Chassis Important To Spring Immediate Business Growth - P1

    7. Learn How To Scale Your Business By An Alarm-Ringing 100% Using The Business Chassis - P2

    8. Increase Your Profits By AN Eye-Opening 10% FAST Using The Business Chassis - P3

    9. Take A Second To Work Out Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities And Threats Shaping Your Business

    10. Building A Sales Funnel Within Your Business

    11. New Business Skills in a Post COVID World

    12. LinkedIn Top Tips

    13. Downloadable Sheets

    1. Core Values Of Your Business

    2. Using Offline Marketing To Maximise Your Offline Marketing

    3. Creating Strategic Partnerships

    4. Developing Your Customer Process Model

    5. How To Get The Most From Facebook Ads

    6. Key Performance Indicators

    7. How To Build A Loyal Online Community

    8. Profit First

    9. 5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Sales

    10. 10 Components To Help You Innovate Within Your Business

    11. 10 Reasons Why We Fail To Grow Our Business

    12. Develop Sales Strategies To Improve Your Cashflow

    13. How To Increase Your Reach on Facebook

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